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This statistic was inspired by a book called Unbundling Your Divorce by M. Sue Talia which highlights the fact that people every day try to handle their own legal matters because legal fees can be completely unaffordable.  Unbundling legal services are becoming increasingly popular in certain circles.  Known as limited-scope representation, unbundling is a great way to stretch litigation money farther. How does unbundling work?  Attorneys that offer these services screen their potential cases to determine if the case is a good fit for unbundling.  If they decide it is, they offer limited services at an hourly rate without requiring a retainer.  Generally unbundles services fall into three categories:

  1. Consultation: Giving legal advice and providing direction
  2. Document Preparation: Preparing legal documents for your case
  3. Limited Representation: Light appearances on your behalf in court

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For a more in depth look at the benefits of Unbundled Legal Services refer to the article that inspired this post here:

http://lawyersusaonline.com/blog/2009/05/29/unbundled-legal-services-increasingly-popular/ published on May 29, 2009 on lawyersusaonline.com by Correy Stephenson.

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