What are the Benefits?

Many clients find themselves overwhelmed and scared when they realize they need a family law attorney.   As the client weighs his or her options when choosing the best process for their family, it’s important to understand the benefits to the Collaborative process.  The key benefits are as follows:

  • The Collaborative process allows the clients and their attorneys to schedule meetings without waiting for court dates.  You generally spend less time and, as a result, less money to reach closure.  Also, clients typically miss less work because they have more control on when meetings are scheduled.
  • The family’s issues stay within the Collaborative setting, giving everyone more privacy, greater confidentiality, and less stress during an already very stressful time.  The additional privacy also means the you maintain your dignity throughout the process.  Litigation means disclosing very personal information in a very public forum.  Collaborative practice means disclosing personal information in a place where it will stay private and dignity is maintained.
  • If an expert opinion is needed, you can jointly hire independent professional, shortening the time needed to have information necessary to reach a decision and reducing the overall expense.

    Clients make the final decisions on all issues and maintain control of their family’s future.  Many times, litigation cases are handed to a judge who makes extremely important decisions with very limited information.  The Collaborative process allows for creativity and an individual solution for each family for each issue unique to them.