Parent Coordination Charlotte

Moen Legal Counsel believes in ways to provide solutions outside of the courtroom.  We are proud to offer services to aid families in reducing conflict while solving problems.  Lynna Moen is a certified Parent Coordinator and practices Collaborative Family Law.  Lynna sought out these solution based methods as a way to help families resolve conflict as soon as possible.  This faster resolution helps everyone involved, especially the children of these families.  Please read more on our blog.



Co-parenting is difficult and requires patience, compromise, and communication.  The reality is that parents are people and by the time they get through the separation process, or maybe even before then, communication is completely gone.  The people that pay that price are the children, regardless of how well-meaning each parent is at any given time.  Many parents hire an attorney to advocate for them through the custody process which is sometimes necessary.  Parents who want to improve their communication to help their kids can benefit by using a Parent Coordinator.  Parent Coordinators are specifically trained to help parents resolve disputes, improve communication, plan—in short to be solution based so their kids are ok after all of this.  The biggest benefits to using a Parent Coordinator are as follows:


  1. The time in the courtroom is reduced which lowers legal fees and time missed from work.
  2. Stress is reduced for both parents, their extended families, and most importantly the children.
  3. The parents learn new skills or brush up on old skills that they can teach the kids.
  4. Parent Coordinators are there to focus on the kids and they provide neutral safe ground to explore solutions to directly benefit the kids.
  5. The time, money, and energy not spent fighting with the other parent will create more time to spend with the children and to have more time for yourself
  6. Each parent pays half the cost so instead of paying two attorneys for two people to fight you are sharing the cost of one attorney who helps.


The blog has more information related to Parent Coordinator services and benefits.  Either or both parents can come for a consultation to learn more.



What is Collaborative Family Law?

– Process – Collaborative Law is the practice of settling issues with legal counsel, but without court intervention at any state. All negotiations take place in joint conferences between the spouses, their attorneys, and any other professionals chosen to assist. Each client has build-in legal advice and advocacy during negotiations and each attorney is committed to guiding their clients toward reasonable resolutions, crafted to meet their unique circumstances. The attorneys cannot go to court or threaten to go to court. Settlement is the only agenda and all involved rely upon cooperation, integrity, and professionalism.

– The key element of Collaborative Law is that the negotiations take place in meetings where both parties and their attorneys are present. All four sign a Participation Agreement, which commits everyone to working together, in good faith, to reach a durable, acceptable agreement.

– The hallmark of the process is a commitment to work towards a negotiated settlement rather than resort to litigation. Each client retains the right to withdraw from the Collaborative Law process and litigate. If they do so, both parties’ attorneys are disqualified and the parties proceed to litigation with new attorneys. This feature ensures a cooperative, confidential negotiating environment, where neither party uses withdrawal or litigation as a threat and the attorneys are committed to helping the clients reach an agreement.

– Both Collaborative Law and Litigation results in an enforceable agreement or order that both parties must follow. The difference is there is a path that is faster, cheaper, and private and a path that is stressful, lengthy, and a matter of public record.

Lynna practices in the Collaborative Family Law process because it allows her to use her expertise and intelligence to create controlled plans for the next chapter in her client’s lives.  The Collaborative Practice allows for creativity, mutual respect and privacy, which are important factors that can be lost when litigating.

Lynna has a family, balances her busy career, and knows what it’s like to have to constantly multi-task.  This experience allows Lynna to build creative and pragmatic solutions for her clients that are unique and suited to their busy lives.